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Hello Visitor! Welcome to my site. I'm Pruthvi, a software engineer both by profession and passion. Being relevant is most important to me. One of the most satisfying moments in my career has been learning; and I do that quite very often! I like building things to solve problems; most often solutions to uplift/ease everyday routine of a common man. I desire to learn how the brain works to glean useful architectural aspects for continued advancement in problem solving. I'm therefore passionate about neuroscience & its implementation using machine learning.

Presently, I'm working as a Full Stack Developer at ANZ, Melbourne. Outside work, at the moment, I'm working on building my personal AI & a new python framework called PROTON. I enjoy all types of music, football & tennis.

I'm an open source diety. I take pride in contributing to the community. These are some of my work:

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Pruthvi Kumar
Victoria, 3000 AUS


What is Apricity?

apricity (noun) (a-PRIS-i-tee): "The warmth of the sun in winter".